London To Brighton Mini Run 2017

The new #OhSoRetro project Mini got loads of attention

One of the highlights of our year is heading down to Brighton seafront for the annual London To Brighton Mini Run, organised by the London & Surrey Mini Owners Club. Nearly 2,500 Minis make the pilgrimage from Crystal Palace to Brighton Seafront.

Young and old along side.

With setting up the #OhSoRetro trade stand we arrive early and Brighton and the minis slowly trickle in all morning until around midday when those completing the run arrive. This year the entire seafront from the pier at one end to the marina carpark at the other. They even had cars parked queuing down the slope.

For mini lovers, this has got to be one of the top events in the country with many owners and traders coming from not only all over the UK but Europe also.

Unfortunately for this mini owner the front fell off…


Stick a plaster on it, that will fix it.

This year we travelled down with not only our trade stand in our Mk1 Caddy but our new Mini project car which got a great reception, Mark Colemans 1961 VW Crew Cab and Wayne Kings awesome slammed mini.

A big thank you must go the LSMOC for their hospitality on the day, they really do go above and beyond to make this event the success it is, especially as they are all volunteers! Also thank you to each and every one of you who visited the stall to say hello or make a purchase! We really appreciate it.

Will we be back next year? Too right we will!

Photos by Jamie Stevens Photography


You’ve gotta collect them all!

Some great club line ups down in Brighton

Mini Love.

This has to be our car of the day? What was yours?

Some great engine conversions squeezed under the bonnet of classic minis. We loved this Vtec conversion.

Wayne Kings awesome wide arched, tubbed Mini

We all had some of this carpet? Didn’t we?

Tidy yellow 1275GT

This was some awesome airbrushing of the classic mini film!

A whole lotta Mokes.

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