Margate Harbour Arm Meet April 2016


Thanet Classics Margate Harbour Arm meets always draw a crowd and we can see why!

We headed down to Margate Harbour for Thanet Classics Monthly summer meet on the harbour arm. A great mixture of vehicles from all over the south east turn up for this Tuesday evening meets. The next ison Tuesday 17th May and run every month until September.

If you would like to find out anymore about Thanet Classics or their meets. Head over to their facebook page. ( or twitter @ThanetClassics
A big thanks to our photographer Harry Higgs for covering the evening. (


This Patina Pontiac had to be our car of the evening.


Richards Singer Chamois sat on banded steels.


Gorgeous Porsche 964


Our own Mark rolling onto the harbour in his gunmetal grey crew cab splitty.


From E Types to MX5’s these Margate Harbour meets really do see it all.


Mk3 Capri as the sun goes down.


Shaines Slammed Granada. Who doesn’t love a slammed granny?


This Rallye Golf even made the drive down.


Jake’s MK2 Gti sitting pretty.


Sun, Sea, Fish and Chips and a tonne of classic cars. Does it get any better?


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